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State Bank of India
Loan Amount,Interest Rates @ EMI
Up to 30 Lakhs ROI 7.30% EMI @ 793/Lakh for 20 Years
Above 30 - 75 Lakhs ROI 7.55% EMI @ 809/Lakh for 20 Years
Above 75 Lakhs ROI 7.65% EMI @ 815/Lakh for 20 Years

Up to 30 Lakhs ROI 6.95% EMI @ 772/Lakh for 20 Years
Above 30 - 75 Lakhs ROI 7.20% EMI @ 787/Lakh for 20 Years
Above 75 Lakhs ROI 7.30% EMI @ 793/Lakh for 20 Years

Min 1 Year - Max 30 Years.
  • Option to avail home loan as Term Loan or Over Draft (OD)
  • MaxGain account to all loans to save interest on home loan
  • Least Processing fee Rs.11,800
  • Sanction and Disbursement in 10 Days
  • Loan to Plot to the maximum of 75% of Plot Cost
  • Maximum repayment period, up to 70 years of applicants age
  • Option of in principle sanction to check eligibility
  • Loan linked life insurance at competitive rates
Eligibility,Documents,Terms & Conditions

Eligibility Criteria:
  • Min of 21 Years Age
  • Minimum monthly salary is 21000/Month
  • Maximum permissible age limit is 65 Years
  • Either Resident/NRI/PIO
  • Salary must be through bank
  • For business Owner's 3 years ITR's is mandatory
Documents Required - Salaried:
  • ID Proof (PAN Card & Aadhar Card)
  • Address Proof
  • 3 months salary slips
  • 6 months bank statement
  • Form 16 and ITR's for last 3 years
  • Recent color passport size photograph
Documents Required - Self Employed:
  • ID Proof (PAN Card & Aadhar Card)
  • Address Proof
  • 3 Years ITR's with Computation of Income and Balance Sheet
  • 1 Year Bank statement of all savings and current accounts
  • Recent color passport size photograph

Property Documents:

  • Sale Agreement
  • Link Documents for last 3 years
  • Approved construction Plan
  • Latest Encumbrance
  • Property Tax Receipts

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is MaxGain Account?

A: MaxGain account is an OD account which will be activated post submission of all original documents to SBI by creating property security towards the loan account post registration.

Q. What are the features of MaxGain Account?

A. MaxGain account comes with a limit equal to the loan amount. Customer are allowed to deposit the surplus funds in the account to gain interest equal to home loan interest by not loosing access to the surplus.

Q. Who can be co-applicant?

A. Customers are allowed to avail home loan jointly with Mother, Father, Sister, Brother and Wife.

Q. What is the maximum loan that we can avail from SBI?

A. Customers can avail maximum 80%of the property cost as home loan for the purpose of purchase of property.

Q. Will i get MaxGain Account if i take plot loan?

A. No, MaxGain account is only for Home Loan customers. Plot loan will be given as a pure term loan.

Q. Will SBI ask for registered Mortgage or Simple Mortgage?
A. All loans above 30 lakhs in SBI are to be done with Registered MOD.

Q. Will SBI provide Loan Link Life Insurance premium amount as loan?
A. Yes, you can opt for loan linked life insurance and the premium amount can be clubbed to your home loan amount.

Q. IS it possible to avail Home Loan from SBI as a simple term loan?

A. Yes, you can avail Home Loan as a simple term loan with out MaxGain with a maximum repayment period of 30 years.

Q. Is Loan Linked Life Insurance option available in SBI, If yes what are the premium amounts?

A. Loan Linked Life Insurance covering the liability against the risk of the applicants is available and the premium amount differs depending on the Loan Amount, Age and Tenure of the loan. If you want SBI will fund the premium amount for this as a additional loan.

Q. Do SBI have flexi EMI scheme?

A. No, SBI don't have any flexi EMI scheme but you can choose Moratorium period to pay only interest part of the loan amount released.
All loans at the sole discretion of the Bank / Financial Institution. is just a facilitator by using of which if any issues raises we are not responsible or liable for it.